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2 tips maintenance methods of hdd boring machine

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2 tips maintenance methods of hdd boring machine

Hdd boring machine are used in many industries. However, after a long period of use, various problems may occur. If you can't timely repair and follow up the subsequent maintenance work, more adverse problems may occur

1.The selection of drilling tools and technology should be reasonable according to the construction geological situation. When drilling is difficult, the drilling method can be changed by different drilling combinations to increase the drilling speed. Reasonable selection according to different geology and hardness The pressurization method can also improve the performance of the drilling rig and can also effectively reduce fuel consumption and greatly extend the service life of the drilling rig.

2.In addition to the role of transferring energy, regular replacement of hydraulic oil can also play seven roles in lubrication, hydraulic pressure, cooling, and protection. Whether the hydraulic system can work reliably and effectively depends to some extent on the performance of hydraulic oil.

If you want to use the horizontal directional drilling rig for a long time, you need to make precautionary work in advance and you must pay attention to whether the method is appropriate because incorrect use of the method can not only bring benefits but also can further damage the machine and cause serious failures.


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