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Characteristics Of Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine

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Characteristics Of Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine

1.1 The horizontal directional drilling machine will not hinder traffic, will not damage the green space, vegetation, will not affect the normal life and working order of shops, hospitals, schools and residents, and solve the interference of traditional excavation construction on residents’ lives and traffic. Environment, damage and adverse effects of surrounding building foundations.

1.2 The modern traversing equipment has high traversing accuracy, easy to adjust the laying direction and buried depth, and the arc-shaped laying distance of the pipeline is long, which can fully meet the design requirements and can make the pipeline bypass underground obstacles.

1.3 The buried depth of the urban pipeline network is generally less than three meters. When crossing the river, the buried depth is generally 9-18 meters under the riverbed. Therefore, the horizontal directional drilling machine is used to cross the surrounding environment. It does not damage the landform and the environment. It is suitable for environmental protection. Item requirements.

1.4 When the horizontal directional drilling rig is used for crossing construction, there is no water or underwater operation, which does not affect the navigation of the river, and does not damage the dams and riverbed structures on both sides of the river. The construction is not restricted by the seasons, with short construction period and high success rate. The construction is safe and reliable. Features.

1.5 Compared with other construction methods, the speed of entering and exiting the site is fast, the construction site can be adjusted flexibly, especially in urban construction, it can fully demonstrate its superiority, and the construction area is small, the project cost is low, and the construction speed is fast.

1.6 When a large river crosses, because the pipeline is buried 9-18 meters below the stratum, there is little oxygen and other corrosive substances in the stratum, so it has the function of natural anti-corrosion and heat preservation, which can ensure the pipeline running time longer.


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