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Characteristics of hdd boring machine

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Characteristics of hdd boring machine

Characteristics of bolt hdd boring machine

1. The new angle changing mechanism makes the hole more convenient, the adjustment range becomes larger, and the requirements on the working surface can be reduced.

2. According to the customer's local special working conditions, the heat dissipation system is optimized to ensure that the maximum temperature of the hydraulic system does not exceed 70°C when the outdoor temperature is 45°C.

3. Full hydraulic control, convenient and flexible operation, convenient displacement, good maneuverability, saving time and effort.

4. The rig gyrator is driven by dual hydraulic motors, with large output torque and lower slewing center than similar products, which greatly improves the stability of the rig drilling.

5. Equipped with special follow-up drilling tools (drill pipe, casing, eccentric drill bit, etc.), use the casing protection wall to make holes in unstable formations, and the final hole of the conventional ball bit. The drilling efficiency is high and the quality of the holes is good.

6. The drilling rig is mainly suitable for anchoring support of deep foundation pits, and can also be replaced by the rotary jetting module, so that the drilling rig can be used for rotary jetting construction.

7. It can meet the three-wing drilling, air DTH hammer drilling, casing drilling, drill pipe/casing composite drilling, single/double/triple rotary spray, fixed spray, swing spray and other rotary spray processes.


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