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Innovative technology of Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine

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Innovative technology of Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine

(1) The key technology of small multi-azimuth Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine  suitable for small and medium coal mines

The first multi-azimuth frame structure was created to solve the construction problems of directional drilling such as face-to-face drilling in narrow roadways, full-face drilling of bottom-extraction roadways, and low-level drilling in extremely thin coal seams. Innovatively designed a new type of quick-change rubber sleeve chuck and holder structure, when replacing slips, there is no need to remove the rubber sleeve, no oil seepage, clean and environmentally friendly. The power head and brake hydraulic system of directional drilling rigs based on logic control are studied to fundamentally solve the "slip" of the brakes caused by frequent misoperations and the change of the direction of the motor elbow at the bottom of the hole, resulting in low brake reliability and poor drilling orientation accuracy. The problem.

(2) Large dip angle and high precision measurement while drilling technology

It is the first time to develop the transmission technology of high dip angle measurement while drilling, which breaks through the technical bottleneck of the inability to carry out large dip angle (70°) in the horizontal directional drilling process, and solves the problem that the trajectory cannot be accurately measured with the large dip angle of the bottom drainage. The high-impact, anti-vibration measurement while drilling probe is studied to improve the accuracy and stability of the measurement system; various error compensation mathematical models of the measurement system inclinometer are established, and high-precision error compensation coefficients are obtained to form a set Calibration method of borehole inclinometer in coal mine.

(3) Key technology of small size hole bottom motor

Invented a small-size screw motor with a length of 2.5m and studied the linear structure of the stator and rotor to reduce the length of the motor, thereby expanding the scope of application of the directional drilling technology, and solving the problem of motor feeding in the process of directional drilling in narrow tunnels. Difficulties entering the hole. Research the new structure of the ball check valve, improve the material and structure of the string bearing, and increase the life of the drive shaft and the cardan shaft assembly.

(4) High-strength spiral groove directional drill pipe technology

Based on the consideration of directional drill pipe connection form, sealing requirements, pipe specifications, drill pipe quality, processing method and operability, etc., the double spiral groove directional drill pipe outer pipe was researched, and the spiral groove directional drill pipe outer pipe was overcome. And the spiral groove processing technology, a large number of tests have verified the gap of the plastic male and female seal structure, determined the fit gap suitable for directional drilling, and improved its sealing reliability.

(5) Construction technology of directional drilling in narrow tunnels

For the first time in Henan Province, the Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine  construction of floor coal seam penetration holes was carried out in the bottom-draining roadway, which solved the problem that ordinary drilling rigs could not find the coal point; carried out the rapid construction of long drilling in the coal seam in narrow roadways such as belt conveyor roadways and driving roadways Technological research, forming a set of small multi-directional series of directional drilling rigs for directional drilling in narrow tunnels.


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