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Maintenance of hdd boring machine

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Maintenance of hdd boring machine

The use of  hdd boring machine crossing technology for pipeline crossing construction is an ideal construction method for completing the construction of water and electrical pipeline networks and communication optical cable laying under the principle of not destroying the landform status and protecting the environment in urban municipal construction. In the past ten years, horizontal directional drilling crossing technology has been widely used in various industries in my country, so how should we maintain the drill rods of horizontal directional drilling rigs?

  1. When using a new drill rod, make sure that the thread on the front of the drill (to protect the shaft head) is also new. A badly-drilled drill can easily damage the thread on the new drill rod, causing water leakage, snapping, and loosening. Etc.
  2. When using the horizontal directional drill rod for the first drilling, you should first "grind the new buckle". This includes first applying the thread buckle oil, then using the drill to fully tighten, then open the buckle, and then Apply silk thread oil and open again. Repeat the operation three times in this way to avoid the new rod wear and buckle.
  3. Keep the drill pipe in a straight line under the ground and above the ground as much as possible. In this way, the side force of the screw part can be avoided and unnecessary wear can be caused.
  4. Tighten slowly when buckle to reduce overheating and wear.
  5. It must be tightened with full torque every time it is buckled, and it is necessary to pay attention to whether the clip is in good condition from time to time.
  6. Shorten the distance between the horizontal directional drilling rig and the ground entrance, because if the drill rod lacks support, it will easily cause bending and deformation when the drill rod is propelled and guided, resulting in a shortened life.
  7. Keep the inlet angle as small as possible, and slowly change the angle according to the drill pipe safety requirements.
  8. Do not exceed the maximum bending radius of the drill pipe, pay special attention to the need to change to the horizontal section when drilling and to the angle change when drilling.
  9. Keep using drill rods in turn, avoid using fixed drill rods to guide and pull back, so as to avoid excessive wear and break the rod.
  The above is the maintenance instructions of horizontal directional drilling rig. Only regular maintenance and maintenance can increase the service life of the drill pipe.


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