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Mud Recycling System

Features: High Efficiency Power(W): N/A
Weight: 1050 Kg Vibrating Motor: 0.45KW X 2pcs
Dimension: 1850x1300x2370mm Usage: Driling Mud Storage

Mud Recycling system for HDD project mud using, 25m³ with tank




1. Capacity: 25m3/h

2. Vibrating motor: 0.45KW x 2pcs

3. Submersible slurry pump: 7.5KW, alloy impeller and shell

4. Cyclone:FX-100GN 1pc

    Solid-phase particle size:10um

5. Stainless steel screen:

    Upper: 600x900x40mesh

    Middle: 600x1100x20mesh

    Bottom: 600x1100x30mesh

6. Electric control system:Indian Voltage 415V, 50Hz

7. Dimension:1850x1300x2370mm

8. Weight:1050kg


Mud pots usually use corrugated board to make the sidewall stronger. Slurry tank steel is first sandblasted. We use a gold-epoxy zinc-rich paint from Kansai brand in Japan. The thickness of the first layer is 75μ, the epoxy medium is twice, the thickness is 250μ, and the polyurethane finish is twice. The thickness is 70 μ. Spray 2 layers in the tank as above. Our company is a professional oil drilling fluid slurry tank manufacturer, to provide you with high-quality drilling fluid mud tanks, factory outlets have the advantage of price, and provide you with satisfactory after-sale technical services.

The mud tank will be configured completely with electrical control, lighting, guard rail, necessary pipeline, inlet&output, clean gate, etc.AJT Mud tanks is the main container holding well drilling fluid. It is widely used in oil and gas drilling, HDD, CSM drilling, slurry separation, tunnelling and mining industries.In OGEM equipment you can get ideal design on mud tanks.We'll consider complete mud tanks system configuration. Such as proper space and position for shale shaker, mud cleaner, centrifuge decanter, mud mixing hopper, centrifugal pumps, etc. So we have shaker tank, suction tank, mixing tank terms.


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Product Inquiry


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