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What is the use of hdd boring machine?

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What is the use of hdd boring machine?

Hdd boring machine is a construction machine that lays a variety of underground utilities (pipes, cables, etc.) without digging the ground surface. It is widely used in the laying of pipelines for water supply, power, telecommunications, natural gas, gas, oil, etc. In construction, it is suitable for sand, clay, pebble and other places, and it can be constructed in most non-hard rock areas in China. The working environment temperature is -15℃~+45℃. Horizontal directional drilling technology is a new construction technology that combines the directional drilling technology of the petroleum industry with traditional pipeline construction methods. It has the advantages of fast construction speed, high construction accuracy, low cost, etc. It is widely used in water supply, Construction of gas, electricity, telecommunications, natural gas, oil and other pipelines. Horizontal directional drilling equipment has also achieved rapid development in more than ten years and has become an emerging industry in developed countries. At present, its development trend is toward large-scale and miniaturization, adaptation to hard rock operations, self-provided anchoring system, automatic stacking and extraction of drill rods, automatic lubrication of drill rod connections, anti-electric shock system and other automatic operation functions, ultra-depth guidance monitoring, Features such as wide application range. This kind of equipment is generally suitable for steel pipes and PE pipes with a diameter of φ300~φ1200mm. The maximum pipe laying length can reach 1500m. It is suitable for a variety of soil conditions from soft soil to hard rock.


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