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Technical Characteristics of Small Directional Drilling Rig

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Technical Characteristics of Small Directional Drilling Rig

(1) The width of the directional drilling rig is 1100mm, and the main engine and mud pump are integrated. It is suitable for transportation in narrow tunnels and directional drilling in small and medium coal mines.

(2) The new multi-azimuth rack structure integrates horizontal azimuth rotation, up and down lifting, tilt angle adjustment and longitudinal and transverse anchoring. The tilt angle range is -90~+90°, and the azimuth angle can be adjusted from 0 to 360°. Full-face drilling of head-on and tunnels is carried out in a narrow drilling field, and the opening height and inclination can be adjusted quickly; the vertical and horizontal composite anchoring structure of the frame is adopted, and the drilling rig has high stability when drilling deep holes.

(3) The directional drilling rig  can quickly realize the roadway head-on and the roadway full-face moving and anchoring. One machine has the functions of directional drilling construction such as heading face-to-face drilling, bottom-drawing tunnel full-face drilling and low-level drilling in extremely thin coal seams.

(4) The frame adopts cylindrical guide rail and double-cylinder propulsion mechanism, which has large propulsion and pulling force, and the drilling is stable and reliable.

(5) Adopt single-action control hydraulic system, open and close controllable rubber sleeve chuck and rubber sleeve holder, with high reliability; both the chuck and holder adopt high-pressure resistant and wear-resistant rubber sleeves. The material is Imported polyurethane has long life, high reliability and low replacement rate.


(6) The non-magnetic drill pipe is made of high-strength non-magnetic steel material, and the thread adopts anti-sticking process to improve the service life of the drill pipe.

(7) The diameter of the directional drill rod is φ73mm, which is light in weight, which reduces the labor intensity of the operator, and also satisfies the handling and construction of narrow roadways.

(8) The measurement system adopts the technology of power supply outside the probe hole to ensure continuous power supply, avoiding the difficulty in judging the fault in the hole due to the exhaustion of the probe tube battery in the hole, reducing the risk of drilling failure, improving drilling efficiency, and reducing battery cost.

(9) The control system adopts YEC127 mine encapsulation and intrinsically safe data collector (explosion-proof computer), which is a touch panel type with small size, light weight and convenient operation.

(10) The MWD system software has completely independent intellectual property rights, which can be upgraded and improved in the later stage and is convenient for maintenance.

(11) The hydraulic pumps, operating valves and water pumps selected for the product are all well-known brands.


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