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Innovative technology of Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine
(1) The key technology of small multi-azimuth directional drilling rig suitable for small and medium coal minesThe first multi-azimuth frame structure was created to solve the construction problems of directional drilling such as face-to-face drilling in narrow roadways, full-face drilling of bottom
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6 Tips About Technical Characteristics Of Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine
The Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine pipe is made of high-strength non-magnetic steel material, and the thread adopts anti-sticking process to improve the service life of the drill pipe.
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Main technical characteristics of Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine
(1) The width of the drilling rig is 1100mm, and the main engine and mud pump are integrated. It is suitable for transportation in narrow tunnels and directional drilling in small and medium coal mines.(2) The new multi-azimuth rack structure integrates horizontal azimuth rotation, up and down lifti
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Characteristics Of Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine
1.1 The directional drilling crossing construction will not hinder traffic, will not damage the green space, vegetation, will not affect the normal life and working order of shops, hospitals, schools and residents, and solve the interference of traditional excavation construction on residents’ lives
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Defects in the construction of horizontal directional drilling
1. Since the horizontal directional drilling construction is a new production technology, my country does not have a unified technical standard and construction acceptance specification, resulting in no official basis for the control of engineering design and construction quality. Once a quality acc
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